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Jessie W. Combre has over 25 years of experience in areas of management development, strategic human resources management, career and organizational development,and cultural diversity.Utilizing her corporate background and education in behavioral,social and organizational sciences, she has coached and trained individuals, teams and leaders in multinational, international, and non-profit entities in the US and globally,as well as consulted on HR strategies and processes to drive business objectives and major change initiatives.

In Jessie’s executive coaching practice, she applies her unique blend of business savvy and expertise to explore the person-in-situation. Using multi-rater feedback, standardized and proprietary instruments, and interviews, she assesses personal, managerial, and organizational factors for the alignment/misalignment with client performance and career goal-setting and progress. Her coaching clients have praised the breadth of her knowledge as critical to their success and growth well beyond their stated aims. She has extensive organizational consulting experience within multicultural environments. For instance, she has developed competency-based HR systems to promote talent management, learning, and performance management; trained managers in leadership, cross-cultural communications, managing change, and career development consistent with strategic objectives. She has assessed and consulted on organizational processes to lessen workplace stress, improve climate, build teamwork, and promote innovation and quality customer service.

Previously as an HR specialist with Continental Bank, Jessie coached employees on personal, career and performance issues; consulted with managers on HR policies and employee relations; consulted with business unit executives on talent development strategies to achieve their succession goals. Later, she was Co-Director of the Minority Leadership Project-Columbia University, where she was recognized for her seminal study of US graduate programs on best practices in the recruitment, retention, and leadership development of students of color. Formerly, she received national recognition as a senior editor with IBM-Houston for excellence in space-related and corporate communications, as well as new business proposals.

Jessie received a Ph.D. from Columbia University in occupational social work specializing in organizational theory, an A.M. from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in biology from Texas Southern University. Her presentations and publications include: Critical Leadership Competencies for Managing Change; Handbook on Better Meetings Management; Social Support and Employee Well-Being Following Intraorganizational Career Transitions; Downsizing: Crises and Opportunities; The Cul

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